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The Resistance Manual (

A project by StayWoke The Resistance Manual is a wiki cataloging the various groups, projects, and actions taking place and laying out the ways in which you can get involved in a specific fight.

The site is organized by cause (eg: Obamacare/ACA, Policing, etc…) and contains not only things that you can do to get involved, but also info on the right’s positions and ways to counter those messages.

Indivisible Guide (

Indivisible formed shortly after the 2016 election with the goal of providing guidance and support to the various groups resisting the Trump agenda. They have published a written guide and provide numerous other organizational resources. 

ACA Focus Town Hall: 2/22/2017 @ 6PM

ACA Focus Town Hall: Hosted by Citizens Against Collins

A Community Health Townhall to discuss healthcare, the proposed repeal of the ACA, and the impacts on NY 27. Featuring special (invited) guest Chris Collins!

6:00 – 8:00 PM
American Legion Post 410
42 Niagara St.
Lockport NY

The Resistance Calendar

The Resistance Calendar was launched and promoted by Michael Moore as a comprehensive listing of all resistance related events/rallies/demonstrations.

A Demonstration to Demand Answers: 2/20/2017 @ 3:00 PM

Please lend support to our comrades in NY’s 27th Congressional District as they demand accountability from Rep. Chris Collins.

Hosted by Citizens Against Collins

The event begins at 3PM and will meet at 2813 Wehrle Dr, Buffalo, NY 14221-7380

More details can be found on the Facebook event page:



What is Rust Belt Rising?

Rust Belt Rising is envisioned as a coalition of progressive activists working to unify and promote the Rust Belt as a voting bloc. We hope to achieve this through:

  • Coordinating amongst the various Rust Belt communities to speak and vote with a unified voice.
  • Engaging within our communities to demonstrate the value of progressive values and platforms as they relate to the Rust Belt in Particular.
  • Focused community outreach and canvassing in neighboring “red” districts to promote progressive policies beyond the metropoles.

This organization is still in its infancy and at this stage could use all the support it is given. If you are interested in involving your own community in this effort, please use the contact page to reach out.