Rust Belt Rising

Rust Belt Rising

What is Rust Belt Rising? 

Rust Belt Rising will bring the Democratic Party back to its roots as the party of working families by founding a school for candidates to prepare them on the critical bread-and-butter issues. We want to help candidates like you.  

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Running for Office? Our first training starts on July 11th! 

Sign up for our training by clicking here.  

Thank you for signing up to join the first ever Rust Belt Rising training, we are genuinely excited you have chosen to spend your very precious time using what we believe will be an incredible resource. You will be contacted by a Rust Belt Rising staff member to discuss any further information needed from your campaign and the next steps to get ready for the training.  We look forward to getting to know you, the issues you are championing, and being value added at every moment onward until election day.


Julie Petrick Neidhardt, Executive Director