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Rust Belt Rising helps Democratic candidates in the Great Lakes region win elections by leading on the bread-and-butter issues critical to working families.

November 8, 2016, was a disastrous night for America. With narrow victories in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, Donald Trump was elected President. Enough Republicans were elected to control both Houses of Congress. 

The results have been even worse than we expected. Donald Trump has attacked our free press and our judiciary, promoted alternate realities, gutted federal agencies, disregarded school shootings, assaulted the entire intelligence community, and made harrowing foreign policy choices. Congressional Republicans have not offered any significant opposition to Donald Trump’s policies.

Nor has the Democratic Party always seemed ready to respond. With the help of the Koch brothers’ money and organization, Republicans have developed a pipeline of candidates with a consistent message. Democrats have an emptier pipeline, with candidates who too often fail to connect with voters on ecomonic issues. Unless we fix this, we can expect 15 more years of the current right-wing Republican politics in the spirit of Donald Trump.  

In response, we created Rust Belt Rising. Rust Belt Rising will bring the Democratic Party back to its roots as the party of working families by training candidates to lead on the foundational economic issues of working families, education, healthcare and especially jobs. We will focus on the six states bordering on the Great Lakes: Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

With your help, this region will lead the re-emergence of our Democratic Party and our nation.

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With your help, the Democratic Party will again dominate in this region and will lead the re-emergence of our politics and our nation. Our critical first need is funding. Please donate to prepare the inaugural class of candidates in the Rust Belt Rising school.

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