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Rust Belt Rising will bring the Democratic Party back to its roots by training Democratic candidates in the Midwest to lead on critical bread-and-butter issues.

Working families have been left behind by a system rigged in favor of the top 1%. While the Republicans are and have long been the party of the very wealthy, Democrats have not been strong enough in their support of working people.

Rust Belt Rising prepares Democratic candidates to reestablish the party’s historical connection to working families by advocating for bold economic policies.

We believe this realignment back to our core purpose as the party of working people is the most important mission we can undertake in the service of our American democracy.

Rust Belt Rising is focusing on the six states bordering the Great Lakes from Pennsylvania to Wisconsin. They were pivotal in the 2016 Presidential election. They have been hit hard by the loss of manufacturing jobs. But they have great potential in their hard-working people, great universities, abundant fresh water and rich land, and they were until recently the backbone of the Democratic Party.

Summer 2018
Finding Your Voice in the Rust Belt

Our initial training was a series of six interactive online sessions held in July and August of 2018. Topics covered included education, health care, jobs, environment, and more.

Over 100 candidates from across our six states at all levels of government enrolled in this program the included coaching on message and storytelling, policy seminars, and the opportunity to connect with and learn from other candidates.

Participants completed pre-session readings and post-session exercises. A weekly commitment of two hours was expected.

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Subsequent trainings will build on this foundation to provide candidates with a full suite of resources to succeed across the Midwest.