Our Programs

Rust Belt Rising has launched an important mission — to bring the Democratic Party back to its roots by founding a school that will prepare Democratic candidates in the Midwest on the basic economic issues so they can solve the tough problems facing their Rust Belt communities. We believe this realignment back to our core purpose as the party of working people is the most important mission we can undertake in the service of our American democracy.

We will support and train Democrats so they can win elections in 2018 and 2020 in six targeted states and take back the Midwest, building toward victory in the Presidential election. In the long term Rust Belt Rising will radiate tough-minded Democratic Party policies and services for working families throughout the Party and the country.

Rust Belt Rising is focusing on the six states bordering the Great Lakes from Pennsylvania to Wisconsin. They were pivotal in the 2016 Presidential election. They have been hit hard by the loss of many manufacturing jobs. But they have great potential in their hard-working people, great universities, abundant fresh water and  rich land, and they were until recently the backbone of the Democratic Party.

Upcoming Session:

We will start making training resources available in June. Send us your information and we will email you about how to sign up for the training and about the schedule for the sessions.