Rust Belt Rising Virtual Voter Registration Program Activities

Help People in Michigan and Wisconsin Get Registered to Vote From Home

Sign up to get Michigan and Wisconsin targets registered to vote

Rust Belt Rising has teamed up with Indivisible in Michigan and Chicago Alliance and the organization Register2Vote to register more voters in Michigan and Wisconsin than the difference in the 2016 election in those two states.

Voter registration rates have plummeted around the country during COVID-19. We believe it is urgent to get more people registered because they will be more likely to vote and they will get the communications from their Secretary of State and campaigns about how to do so safely. 

In Texas, the organization Register2Vote and former Beto O’Rourke volunteers have been using an approach of mailing an application and motivational instructional flyer to targets they determine are key unregistered voters, and then texting and calling those targets to encourage them to complete their registration. With these multiple forms of outreach to unregistered targets like people who moved into or around the state, they have achieved a 25% conversion rate.

We are doing a similar mailing to 100k Michigan and 100k Wisconsin unregistered voters and we need your help to call our targets about completing their registration. Our training will get you comfortable using our virtual phone bank and helping people get registered to vote in Michigan. 

We hope you can be part of this important push to grow the electorate that we will all work on turning out to vote.

Please share with anyone who needs to register to vote the registration sites for Michigan and Wisconsin